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Parsi Development is presently engaged in projects spanning the East and West Coast, showcasing our commitment to nationwide development

Parsi Development takes pride in achieving the successful completion of over 176 units in British Columbia, Canada, spanning from 2005 to the present. Looking forward, our exciting future endeavours include projects in the Greater Victoria Area, with 250 units planned for Colwood and 43 for View Royal. We are actively immersed in the development of over 1000 housing units to address the growing demands of the flourishing Saint John market on the East Coast of New Brunswick.

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British Columbia

Current Projects:

1- 586 Latoria

2- Port Alice

3- Bona Vita

4- Erskine Lane

Closed Projects:

1- Casa Bella

2- Piano

3- 2290 Estevan


New Brunswick
Current Projects: